Super Awesome Mix

Mix Tape #31 - Halloween Mix

October 28, 2021 Super Awesome Mix Season 1 Episode 31
Super Awesome Mix
Mix Tape #31 - Halloween Mix
Show Notes

It's about to get very spooky in here as Matt and Samer present their Halloween Mix!   

Editor's Note: We found out after recording that Rob Zombie himself is working on a Munsters revival.  And there was a Salem's Lot mini-series in 1979.

You can listen to the mix on Spotify WITH music here:

You can find the mix here on Spotify:

Here's the track list:

  1. Ghost On The Dance Floor by blink-182
  2. Far from Any Road by The Handsome Family
  3. Burn The Witch by Queens of the Stone Age
  4. Halloween by Dave Matthews Band
  5. Dragula by Rob Zombie
  6. Thriller by Michael Jackson
  7. Creeping Death by Metallica
  8. Deviltown by Bright Eyes & Nick Zinner
  9. Going to Hell by The Pretty Reckless
  10. A Night With the Jersey Devil by Bruce Springsteen
  11. Hells Bells by AC/DC
  12. You’re Dead by Norma Tanega

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